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Drawing at the Others: drawing multiple figures


The aim of the class was to create a composite drawing of multiple figures of a single model, posing in different positions within the space. The poses were 15 to 20 minutes long but after a warm up at the beginning of the class, drawing the main shapes of the figure in 4 minuets and then gradually down to 30 seconds this becomes easily achievable for everyone.

When working in this way students have to think about the scale and placing of the figures on the page to ensure the final composition fits on the page and works well as a final design.


Paula Rego Pastel on paperPaula Rego, Celestina’s House, Pastel on paper, 200 x 240 cm, 2000

Further information on drawing at The Others in Stoke Newington, Hackney: http://rootdrawing.com/drawing-at-the-others/